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Surfline Scout Package

Surfline Scout Package
$ 179.99

Get ready for the future

You have been chosen to participate in an an exciting new program that will revolutionize surf reporting as we know it.

At Trace we’re excited to announce a new partnership with Surfline, the world’s leader in surf reporting, to create a game-changing way of reporting surf conditions. Together, we’ve created the Surfline Scout Report.  The Scout Report takes data collected by Surfers who use Trace incorporates almost live data from your surf session into the Surfline report. Now, in addition to the forecasting, reporting, and live cam tools on and the Surfline mobile app, you’ll know exactly what it’s like in the water thanks to Scouts. For the first time ever, Surfline can tell you how many waves Scouts are catching, how long each wave is, how fast they moved on each wave, how big their turns were and much more.

By buying this package, you have now been accepted into the Surfline Scout program.